SVAMC Board of Directors Elects Les Schiefelbein as CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee

The Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center (SVAMC) Board of Directors has elected Les Schiefelbein as CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee.

The SVAMC serves the global technology sector by promoting business practical resolution of technology and technology-related disputes.

In his new role, Les will lead SVAMC’s initiatives to continue to advance arbitration and mediation for dispute resolution in technology matters, while also focusing on selection of the World’s Leading Technology Neutrals for the SVAMC Tech List, building general member, and young professional membership and increasing the diversity of SVAMC members.

As CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee, Les will oversee SVAMC’s work with leading technology companies, law firms, in-house counsel, arbitrators and mediators, ADR institutions, academics and students around the globe to provide educational programming and related resources regarding the effective and efficient resolution of technology disputes.

Les is an independent commercial Arbitrator and Mediator in domestic and international disputes. In 2013 he founded Schiefelbein Global Dispute Resolution to bring his more than thirty years of experience as Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Lockheed Martin, and as an Air Force Judge Advocate Reserve (Colonel), in resolving international and domestic legal and business matters to the practice of dispute resolution. At both Lockheed Martin and as an Air Force lawyer, Les was responsible for billion dollar dispute resolution matters in aerospace, aviation, national security and high-technology hardware and software systems matters.

Les has handled more than 300 cases in the course of his career, and has gained a particular expertise as a sole or panelist arbitrator in commercial and government contracts to include aerospace, aviation, satellites, cybersecurity, national security, information technology, trade secrets, intellectual property, artificial intelligence, energy and construction.

For more information about SVAMC, visit https://svamc.org