CLA Webinar: The Devil’s in the Details: A Litigator’s Guide to Interpreting & Understanding the Subtleties of a Dispute Resolution Clause on October 24, 2018– Featuring Les Schiefelbein

Litigators are often entering mediations and arbitrations with dispute resolution clauses that are drafted too vaguely, too specifically…and sometimes are just right.

Join Serena Lee, Vice President of the American Arbitration Association’s San Francisco regional office, who will moderate a panel with Lester Schiefelbein, full time domestic and international arbitrator and former general counsel of Lockheed Martin Space, and the Honorable Alice Sullivan (Ret)., who will give an “insider’s peek” into what business clients want and expect, and what arbitrators see as frequent pitfalls – and best practices – in how ADR clauses are interpreted and what litigators can and should do in the face of a problematic clause.  They will discuss common issues that arise when a clause is unclear, offer examples of how litigators either help or hurt the efficiency and effectiveness of the arbitration process when dealing with a problematic clause, and provide some best practices and insights to attendees.

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