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Recent Speaking Engagements

    • SVAMC/ICC, “ADR Choices for Silicon Valley Companies in International Arbitration.” Palo Alto, May 2018
    • SVAMC/KAB Advocates, “Overview of the SVAMC and its Current Initiatives in Technology Arbitration.” Paris, April 2018
    • AAA/ICDR, “The Implications of Technology-Intensive Aerospace, Aviation and National Security Disputes.” Washington D.C., April 2018
    • University of California, Berkeley School of Law. “ADR in Tech- What the GC and Wall Street Know or Should Know.” Berkeley, March 2018
    • European Aerospace and Defence Legal Counsel Forum, “Transformation by Technology and Digital World: Internet of Things.” Toulouse, March 2018
    • American Arbitration Association, “I Want to Be the Chair: Scenarios on AAA Tribunal Relations.” San Francisco, November 2017
    • Seoul Academy for International Arbitration, Faculty Member. “New Features in International Arbitration Rules: Whether These Changes Have Made International Arbitration More Effective?” Seoul, November 2017
    • Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration, “International Arbitration Issues Related to Disputes in the Technology Sector.” Shenzhen, November 2017
    • Hong Kong International Arbitration Association, “Resolving Cross-Border IP and Technology Disputes Through ADR: U.S. and Hong Kong Perspectives.” Hong Kong, November 2017
    • Stanford Law School, “The Evolving Use of International Arbitration and Mediation for Disputes in the Technology Sector.” Palo Alto, November 2017
    • Lodestar Dispute Resolution Center at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, “Phoenix to Paris and Other Legal Destinations.” Phoenix, October 2017
    • American Arbitration Association, Webinar Panelist: “Aviation, Aerospace and National Security.” San Francisco, October 2017
    • American Bar Association Annual Spring Conference, “Third Party Funding in ADR – What You Need to Know.” San Francisco, April 2017
    • Harvard Law School, “Tech Disputes- Litigation or Arbitration- A Changing View From Silicon Valley.” Cambridge, October 2016
    • International Centre for Dispute Resolution, “Smarter, Faster, Cheaper Technology Dispute Resolution Conference: An Open Forum with Silicon Valley.” San Francisco, September 2016
    • Santa Clara University School of Law, Center for Global Law & Policy, “Setting Up a Business Overseas to Preclude Government and Contract Disputes.” Santa Clara, April 2016
    • The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators North American Branch, “Resolving Disputes with Companies from Asia: What is the Best Approach?” San Francisco, January 2016
    • Gibbs Gidens Law, “Managing International Disputes: The Corporate Counsel Perspective.” Los Angeles, November 2015
    • Keble College, Oxford University, “Dispute Avoidance and Management.” United Kingdom, September 2015
    • Association of Corporate Counsel Program, “Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property Outside the United States. What Role Can International Arbitration Play?” San Francisco, June 2015
    • American Bar Association, Section of Dispute Resolution, “Tech Disputes-Litigation 1.0, Arbitration 2.0  Can You Handle The New Release?” Seattle, April 2015
    • Sandra Day O’Conner College of Law at Arizona State University, “A General Counsel’s View Of Dispute Resolution-International Arbitration As An Alternative to Litigation.” Tempe, February 2015
    • State Bar of California International Law Section-American Bar Association, International Law Section, “International Business.” University of California School of Law (Boalt Hall). Berkeley, February 2015
    • International Centre for Dispute Resolution Miami International Arbitration Conference, “Mock Arbitration of Expedited Procedures.” Miami, January 2015
    • International Chamber of Commerce, International Court of Arbitration, “Procedural Constraints to the Resolution of Disputes in Aeronautics and Aerospace-Engines by GE, Body by Houdini.” Paris, December 2014
    • International Centre for Dispute Resolution, “Why New York Law May Look Attractive to International Business with a Russian Nexus.” New York, November 2014
    • International Chamber of Commerce, International Court of Arbitration, “Key Issues in the Arbitral Process: Confidential Information, Documents, Subpoenas, and Witnesses.” Singapore, June 2014
    • Singapore International Arbitration Centre, SIAC Congress 2014, “Current Issues in International Arbitration-Selection of Arbitrators, Costs, Ethics, and Emergency Arbitrators.” Singapore, June 2014
    • Singapore International Arbitration Centre, SIAC Congress 2014, “New Areas for International Arbitration–Aviation, Financial Services, Private Equity, Healthcare, and Sports.” Singapore, June 2014
    • American Arbitration Association, Board of Directors Meeting, “Dispute-Wise Program.” San Francisco, May 2014
    • American Bar Association, Section of International Law, “Careers in International Law.” Sacramento, CA, April 2014
    • Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration, “An International Arbitration Hypothetical, Which Seat in the Asia Pacific Region is Likely to Give You the Outcome You Want?” Sydney, December 2013
    • Herbert Smith Freehills, “The Pursuit of Enforcement: Strategies for Dealing and Disputing with Chinese Parties.” Melbourne, December 2013
    • Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, “International Arbitration In Asia: A Behind the Scenes Review.” Hong Kong, October 2013
    • California State Bar, International Law Section, “When Are California Companies Using International Arbitration? Is it Working?” San Francisco, September 2013
    • International Centre For Dispute Resolution, “Corporate Counsel Advocacy in International Arbitration-Working Towards a Fair and Economical Process.” Miami, September 2013
    • American Bar Association, Business Law Section, “How Do Companies Really Resolve Disputes?” San Francisco, August 2013
    • American Bar Association, Section of Dispute Resolution, “15th Annual Spring Conference.” Chicago, April 2013